The Top 8 Foods & Supplements To Include In A Heavy Metal Detox For Kids

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Heavy metal toxicity is a well-documented medical condition that occurs when a person has been exposed to a harmful amount of heavy metals.

In children, heavy metal toxicity can lead to the development of a number of health problems. Severe levels of heavy metal poisoning can cause irreversible damage to the body – and in those cases, eating the proper diet won’t help.

However, for low levels of toxicity, a proper diet can help. While certain fruits and vegetables are able to help detoxify the body, supplements can also be taken to curb symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. This article looks at 8 foods and supplements to include in a heavy metal detox for kids.

1. Advanced TRS Supplement

Advanced TRS is a supplement that has been found to have potential benefits for a child’s health, especially when it concerns heavy metal detoxification. This is because the primary ingredient in Advanced TRS is zeolite, which is particularly good at absorbing toxic metals.

One of the things that zeolite naturally absorbs is toxic heavy metals – this is because zeolite has a negative charge, while heavy metal particles have a positive charge. This makes supplements like Advanced TRS especially effective as a treatment for heavy metal toxicity.

Advanced TRS can also have other positive effects on a child’s health, including an overall boost to their immune system. A strengthened immune system means an easier time fighting off infections and external invaders.

If a child is exposed to a high amount of heavy metal particles from inhaled smoke or traffic emissions, the preemptive use of Advanced TRS might mean that your child will inhale fewer heavy metal particulates and suffer a milder effect.

Supplements like Advanced TRS are not a replacement for traditional doctors. If you suspect your child is suffering from heavy metal toxicity, it’s important to seek medical treatment.

2. Lemons

One of the key ingredients in any food that can inhibit the harmful effects of heavy metals in the body is antioxidants.

These naturally occurring substances are present in all kinds of foods, as they come in all forms. Vitamin C is one of the most famous antioxidants proven to reverse the harmful effects of free radicals and boost the immune system.

As we all likely know, lemons are one fruit that contains vitamin C. This is one reason they were so incredibly attractive to seafaring professionals back in the day – there’s no better way to keep scurvy at bay than with a mouth full of lemon.

Vitamin C does more than just strengthen your immune system. It can also help cancel out the adverse effects of heavy metals in your body. This is because the ascorbic acid in lemons is negatively charged, while free radicals from heavy metals are positively charged. This is the antioxidant effect at work.

When you eat foods rich in antioxidants, they freely donate electrons to the harmful free radicals that otherwise would bond to your cells and rob them of their ability to protect and work for your body.

3. Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are a mixture of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. This naturally occurring substance was first found in England, where it gained its name. There, the public baths started by the Romans were found to be effective at managing skin rashes and sometimes outright curing them.

This is because Epsom salts can act as a purifier of sorts by bonding to toxic materials that could harm the body. It has been postulated for many years now that Epsom salts can positively affect a person’s overall health, and that postulation has been proven to be true.

One of the main benefits of using Epsom salts is that the substance has been proven to have detoxifying effects. For example, it’s now well-known that Epsom salts can absorb excess magnesium.

Magnesium is a metal that can have harmful effects on a person’s health if that person has been exposed to too much magnesium. If your child has a diet or environment rich in magnesium, then they might benefit from detox baths laden with Epsom salts.

4. Garlic

Garlic isn’t just an ingredient in many dishes from around the world – it also has many health benefits. You can utilize these benefits by adding garlic to your child’s diet. There are tons of dishes that garlic can – and should – be a part of.

Besides its obvious use as a vampire deterrent, garlic has been included in many traditional medicines worldwide. It has been theorized to speed up the course of the common cold, help the body fight against cancer and coronary artery disease, and much more.

Garlic is an effective detoxification agent because it naturally contains large amounts of sulfur. Sulfur naturally has a neutral charge but develops a negative charge when it becomes the sulfide anion.

This is ideal because it then acts as an antioxidant and works to bond with any positively charged free radicals that are part of a person’s system. This makes garlic a real stalwart champion for ridding the body of dangerous free radicals that would otherwise cause people all sorts of health problems.

So, not only is garlic tasty, and not only does it make your kitchen smell nice – it can also be used to strengthen the system of your child!

5. Green Vegetables

No matter how often a parent tells their child to eat green vegetables, it seems natural for there to be an incredible amount of resistance to the idea. Green vegetables, however, are a vital part of the body’s fight against invasion.

Not only do vegetables like broccoli and kale contain large amounts of vitamin C, but they’re also rich in other essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, chlorophyll has been found to have all kinds of positive effects on the body – chlorophyll might even be able to help in the fight against heavy metal toxicity.

With the introduction of antioxidants to anybody, heavy metal toxicity levels are apt to fall. Green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green beans, kale, peas, and asparagus contain a veritable ton of chlorophyll and antioxidants that can aid the body’s revolt against free radicals.

6. Certain Berries

If you have to promise your child dessert to get them to eat green vegetables, that dessert can boast even more heavy metal detoxification tools. Many berries out in nature have been found to be effective soldiers in the war on free radicals and heavy metal toxicity.

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all excellent examples of fruits that are rich in antioxidants – and also quite tasty. They won’t lose any efficacy when blended, but you may notice a lack of effect when cooked.

To get the most out of a berry blend, ensure that you or your child consume the right amount of servings daily. You should have at least 1-2 ounces of fruit a day.

Not only will this deliver much-needed fiber into your diet, but it will also help to ensure you’re getting the right level of antioxidants. These will help detoxify your body with its negatively-charged nature. Plus, they’ll taste great, and it won’t be challenging to convince your child to try them – even if they’re a picky eater.

7. Beets and Other Root Vegetables

We tend to repeat phrases we’ve heard throughout our lives and implement them into our vocabularies without thinking about their meaning again.

One of these often-repeated phrases is “vitamins and minerals” – think of how many times you’ve used this phrase without thinking of its meaning. What minerals are in our foods? Aren’t minerals rocks and metal? Aren’t those bad to eat?

Our bodies rely on a particular blend of elements, including heavy metals like gold, silver, iron, zinc, and even arsenic.

These minerals naturally occur in vegetables like beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, and other root vegetables. Beets are an ideal vegetable to incorporate into your child’s diet because they contain many minerals, including magnesium, sulfur, iron, and zinc.

All of the metals we just listed are harmful to humans in high doses. However, in trace amounts, they are nothing less than essential. If you aren’t ingesting enough of them, then you will experience all kinds of negative symptoms, so make sure you’re eating them – and your child is.

8. Make Room for Mushrooms

Finally, fungi make an essential appearance on this list of foods and supplements that will aid your child in detoxifying from harmful heavy metals. Mushrooms have been repeatedly shown to absorb heavy metals in nature naturally.

When ingested, they would continue to have that same ability. This makes them an essential part of any diet designed to help someone detoxify after exposure to heavy metals.

If you aim to craft the perfect diet for your child, then mushrooms will be a great addition. Tons of mushroom varieties will work to detoxify your child, including oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, chicken-of-the-woods, and more.

However, there is something to keep in mind when purchasing your mushrooms. If you can source them to an area that is free of soil with high levels of heavy metals, then do so. As we said, mushrooms naturally absorb heavy metals. They absorb heavy metals much more quickly than other vegetables.

While they are very effective at cleaning up contaminated water and soil, they might not be great for eating.

If you harvest your own mushrooms, ensure you’re doing so from an area that hasn’t been negatively impacted by mining, chemical dumps, or anything of the sort. Otherwise, you might be doing the opposite of heavy metal detoxification.

Will These Foods Really Help With Heavy Metal Detoxification?

All the foods and supplements we have listed are filled with essential vitamins and minerals. The effects of antioxidants on the body are quite obvious to anyone who has studied any kind of biology.

If you are concerned about heavy metal toxicity and its negative effects on the body, then consuming these simple foods and supplements could set your mind at ease.

However, these foods will also have many other effects on both your and your child’s bodies. Healthy ingredients make up a core part of any balanced diet.

Mushrooms, green vegetables, root vegetables, and fruits are essential to any normal human being.

They contain fiber, natural antioxidants, and more. And all of these ingredients make for a healthy and fully-functioning immune system that will be much more prepared to take on any heavy level of heavy metals in the body. That’s what makes a well-balanced diet so essential.

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