The Relationship Between Eczema and Heavy Metal Toxicity

The Relationship Between Eczema and Heavy Metal Toxicity

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is an irritating and sometimes persistent skin condition that’s difficult to find a cure for. And while there are many known causes of eczema, the link between eczema and heavy metal toxicity is a relatively new discovery.
This article looks at the relationship between eczema and heavy metals toxicity and how you can reduce the severity of your eczema (or eliminate it completely!) with a heavy metal detox.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that has afflicted humanity for generations. While this is not a contagious condition, it causes irritating red, flaky, dry, and itchy skin in those who are afflicted by it. People worldwide get eczema – it is not a condition unique to a particular region or a specific group of people.

Eczema commonly first occurs in children below the age of five. It may clear up as the child gets older, but most of the time, it will stick around through adulthood. Some factors may make a person more likely to get eczema. Those who live in dry climates are more likely to develop eczema, as a lack of hydration usually exacerbates this health condition. However, recent studies have also shown that eczema has been linked to a genetic variation in people that causes their skin to lack the ability to protect against free radicals and other external dangers, including smoke and bacteria. This genetic variation means the immune system has to work overtime to fight infections and external hazards, resulting in a type of dermatitis that’s notoriously difficult to deal with.

Symptoms of eczema include:

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Red itchy bumps
  • Raised dark spots
  • Crusting and scabbing
  • Oozing
  • Thickening skin/callus development
  • Rash

Link Between Eczema and Toxic Heavy Metals

In 2021, a study detailing the effects of airborne heavy metals on children’s health was published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. This study was conducted on children between the ages of 4 and 13. By looking at the correlation between the concentration of heavy metals in the indoor atmosphere of children’s homes and their likelihood of developing eczema, researchers were trying to discover any and all potentially harmful effects such conditions might have on a child’s health.

The study’s results determined that any exposure to lead would increase the risk of a child developing atopic dermatitis – even if the exposure were lower than the recommended amount of lead required by health guidelines. This discovery seems to imply that the reason more people are developing eczema and skin conditions in modern times could be because people are exposed to heavy metals on a more regular basis nowadays.

The discoveries from this study also put to bed claims that eczema was mainly a condition caused by a person’s genetics. It shows that a child’s environment can significantly affect their overall health. While this has been known for some time, it makes one question how many other factors in a child’s environment can influence their well-being. It brings to mind the recently published study linking the presence of gas stoves in the home to children being more likely to develop asthma.

Heavy metal particles can be found just about everywhere in modern times. They are present in smoke that comes from traffic, in interior paint that was used before 1978, and in tobacco smoke. Children are regularly exposed to such particles as a routine part of their daily lives.

Do You Need Heavy Metals In Your Diet?

Simply put, you need small amounts of heavy metals in your diet. Our blood is made up of a unique mix of elements, containing tiny amounts of gold, silver, iron, zinc, and other heavy metals. As you likely know, trace amounts of elements exist everywhere in nature, including our food. For example, arsenic is in apple seeds, cherry pits, and iron. Iron is essential to making red blood cells, so eliminating all iron from your diet would be ridiculous.

The same could be said for gold, silver, copper, zinc, and even mercury. Our body uses all kinds of elements to make its chemical processes work. To try to eliminate heavy metals as a whole would be a fruitless endeavor that would only end in frustration when you realize how prominent all of the world’s elements are wherever you look for them. While river panners might express frustration at the lack of gold nuggets they find, the truth is that there is gold in nearly everything, including the food we eat– just tiny little specks of it.

How Do Antioxidants Help the Body?

Antioxidants refer to materials or substances that help repel the damaging effects of free radicals in our bodies. What are free radicals? Essentially, they are harmful substances that steal electrons from nearby materials – including the cells in your body. We introduce free radicals into our systems in various ways, including smoking cigarettes, inhaling fumes from cars and buses and burning materials, and being exposed to harmful materials, such as heavy metals.

That’s right – heavy metals can be considered free radicals, as they bond with the cells in our body and increase the likelihood of a condition called oxidative stress, which is caused when these free radicals take too large of a toll on our bodies. Antioxidants help us by donating electrons to the cells in our body that need them, effectively reversing the effects of free radicals. Antioxidants can also contribute to the repair of damaged cells, which makes them quite handy when we’ve been negatively affected by free radicals or overexposure to heavy metals.

Zeolite could be considered an antioxidant because it can reverse harmful free radicals' effects on our bodies. Supplements that include zeolite can reverse some of the impacts of heavy metal exposure and reduce the severity of any related eczema.

Benefits of Advanced TRS

Advanced TRS is a supplement mainly consisting of helpful zeolites. This material, a crystalline material full of tiny holes, can absorb damaging effects from free radicals and donate electrons back to the regions of your body that need them. This is because each zeolite that is introduced into your body via this product has a negative charge. This means they will attract harmful heavy metal particulates in your body, as they have a positive charge. Therefore, these harmful particulates will bond with the zeolites, enabling you to be rid of their harmful effects.

The benefits of using this product are that not only will you be ridding yourself or your loved ones of harmful substances, but you could also be ridding yourself of the related symptoms. Advanced TRS might curb any eczema you or your child may have developed. This is because heavy metal toxicity, like many other illnesses and poisonings, can result in all manner of symptoms that will vanish as soon as the direct cause has been treated.

Is Advanced TRS Safe?

Advanced TRS is safe for most individuals, but you should consult your doctor if unsure whether it might be right for you. While zeolites have positive benefits for most people, and reviews and testimonials of this supplement will demonstrate that the product has been enormously beneficial for most users, everybody’s body is different. If you aren’t sure how you are going to react to a certain product like Advanced TRS, then there are steps that you should take to determine whether such a product will be right for you.

However, generally speaking, yes – Advanced TRS does not have any inherent risks. There are very few known allergies to this supplement’s ingredients. As long as a person takes the recommended amount and does not exceed the maximum dosage, there are very few other things to worry about. However, Advanced TRS is not a replacement for traditional medicine. If you believe you have been exposed to high amounts of mercury, lead, cadmium, or other dangerous heavy metal, you should see your doctor first. Supplements like Advanced TRS can help a person overcome secondary conditions like atopic dermatitis, but they cannot treat organ failure resulting from breathing in cadmium dust. If you suspect you have been exposed to a dangerous amount of metal, go to the hospital – not a supplement site.

Should I Take Advanced TRS for My Eczema?

It’s challenging to pinpoint a direct cause of a person’s eczema. A definitive genetic factor plays a significant role in many cases of eczema and atopic dermatitis, but that doesn’t mean that a person’s genes purely cause every case.

If you suspect that your eczema may have been caused by exposure to heavy metals in your home, Advanced TRS may help lessen or eliminate your symptoms. If you are taking other medications or have a health condition requiring you to consult with your doctor before beginning any new supplements, speak to your healthcare professional about Advanced TRS.

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