TRS Heavy Metal Detox Process – What To Know

TRS Heavy Metal Detox Process – What To Know

Heavy metal toxicity has been a problem since the beginning of the industrial age but in recent years, the problem has gotten increasingly worse. We are living with more pollutants than ever before. Whether in the air, in the water, or in our food, it is impossible to escape heavy metals completely.

Over time, exposure to toxins such as heavy metals has led to a long list of health problems. Some of these health issues are relatively minor such as fatigue and headache, but others, if left untreated, can lead to much more serious consequences such as organ failure.

Although exposure, even at low levels of toxicity, may be inevitable, there are ways to help the body remove heavy metals. Historically, excreting heavy metals was a complicated process, particularly for those with genetic conditions that inhibit detoxification. Thanks to Coseva’s Advanced Toxin Removal System (TRS), anyone can remove unwanted heavy metal toxins and start feeling better.

What is Advanced TRS?

Toxins like heavy metals are absorbed into the body and often get tucked away in pockets of the tissues where normal bloodstream flow can’t reach to flush it out. Coseva’s Advanced TRS is a simple oral spray that contains a clean, lab-grown, nano-sized clinoptilolite zeolite formula that binds to toxic heavy metals.

Zeolites are microporous aluminosilicate minerals that have the ability to act like molecular sorters. They can grab molecules based on their size as well as molecular charge, and can effectively capture toxins such as arsenic, mercury, aluminum, lead, radioactive and chemical toxins, as well as free radicals.

Zeolites are completely inert, which means they do not react or release in the body in any way.

This clinoptilolite zeolite formula has been engineered to flow freely through the body and then bind to toxins, with a special affinity for those that are positively charged (heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, radioactive material, histamines, etc).

It only takes a few sprays in the morning and a few in the evening to naturally remove unwanted toxic heavy metals. It is noninvasive and supports healthy levels of vitally important nutrients like iron and calcium. TRS can also help balance pH levels and boosts the function of your immune system.

What’s in Advanced TRS?

The ingredients in Advanced TRS are natural and simple:zeolite clinoptilolite
pure water
Advanced TRS is a liquid suspension of zeolites with a 0.9 Nanometers mean average in size. This allows for detoxification on a systemic level through absorption.

What Does Advanced TRS Remove?

Advanced TRS is effective at removing toxins including:

  • Heavy metals
  • Radioactive materials
  • Yeast overgrowth
  • Toxins as a result of mold exposure
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Plastic residues

It’s important to note that Advanced TRS zeolite will remove only large amounts of metals that your body does not need, such as in the case of copper. It will not deplete your body of essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients such as fats and proteins.

Who Should Use Advanced TRS?

Since we are all exposed to heavy metals in our everyday life, Advanced TRS Metal Detox is useful for everyone. TRS is particularly helpful for those with genetic mutations (such as MTHFR genes), auto-immune conditions, and other neurological disorders or concerns.

Coseva notes that while their Advanced TRS has been generally regarded as safe to use for all ages, a pediatrician should be consulted before administering it to children under the age of three.

There are several more conditions that TRS has been known to improve, including skin disorders, allergies, heart disease, migraines and headaches, arthritis, acid reflux, muscle weakness, and even speech delays.

As with any new supplement or healthcare regime, you should consult a physician and discuss any health concerns or preexisting conditions before use.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Taking TRS?

The benefits of using Advance TRS can be noticed relatively quickly after starting the process. Usually, benefits can be noticed after the first day and then again about 6 weeks after consistent use.
Noticeable health benefits include:

  • Adrenal Function
  • Decreased Stress
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Decreased Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Improved Memory and Attention Span
  • Behavioral Normalization and Emotional Regulation Support
  • Controlled Candida Overgrowth
  • Improved Motor Function
  • Eyesight Support
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Increased Energy

How Do I Take Advanced TRS?

The Advanced TRS Metal Detox spray is easy to take by anyone. No matter what age or physical ability, the spray can be easily absorbed. It is tasteless and odorless and can be stored at room temperature. It is always best to start slowly and work up to full dosage.

  • For adults, begin with 1 spray a day, in the mouth under the tongue
  • It is recommended to take 6 hours away from other medications. For example, if you take the medication with breakfast, make sure to take your Advanced TRS after lunch.
  • TRS can be taken with food or drink. You’ll also want to make sure you’re drinking extra water as you take it to support the movement of heavy metals out through your urine. Staying hydrated while taking Advanced TRS will not only assist in helping TRS travel throughout the body but also flush out the heavy metal toxins the zeolites are capturing.
  • The recommended dose is 5 sprays per day or 1 spray per 30 pounds of body weight. So for a 150-pound adult, that works out to 5 sprays per day while a 180-pound adult could go to 6 sprays.

It is recommended that you continue regular use for about 5 months to ensure detoxification of heavy metal build-up. By this time, you should notice a marked improvement in your symptoms and can start either allowing the body to use its own detoxification systems or continue with a lower maintenance dose of 1 spray per day.

How Can Advanced TRS Safely Be Given to Children?

Advanced TRS is safe for children and the benefits can sometimes be noticed even quicker than with adults.
A few precautions to be taken when administering TRS to children include:

  • If a baby is nursing, the breastfeeding mother can take TRS starting at the child’s dose, and it will be passed on to the baby through the breastmilk.
  • For children, the recommended dose is 1 spray per 30 pounds of body weight. Smaller amounts can be used to start and slowly build up to the full recommended dose.
  • Pregnant women should discuss using Advanced TRS with their doctor prior to use.

Does TRS Have Side Effects?

No! TRS is swiftly removed from the blood in 6 hours (along with the toxins it removes with it). TRS is removed by normal bodily processes and since TRS is on a nanoscale of size, the kidneys don’t have to filter the zeolites.

Are There Medications or Supplements That Can Contradict Advanced TRS?

Some medications and supplements contain metals as the active ingredient. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen and aspirin, for example, contain copper and zinc. Some people also take essential mineral supplements like zinc and iron.

Since the body will automatically convert these raw minerals into other compounds like salt, these beneficial minerals become bound and have a neutral ionic charge.

This means that beneficial minerals cannot be captured by zeolite.
If there is a mineral excess, however, the body will not convert those unnecessary minerals into salt for use. The zeolite in TRS may then remove any excess minerals that the body is not using.

Even without metals as an active ingredient, however, it is recommended to take TRS 6 hours away from when you take other medicines or supplements.
When in doubt, consult a pharmacist or physician.

Start Feeling Better Now

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to start feeling better, you can order Advanced TRS today.

It’s a safe, effective way to detox the heavy metals, toxins, and contaminants that are keeping your body from optimum function. TRS is natural and can be used by everybody. The process is simple and you can experience the benefits to your mind and body very quickly.

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