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Chemicals that Cause Hair Loss

7 Chemicals that Cause Hair Loss and How to Stay Away From Them

Worried about hair loss? Check out our guide on the 7 chemicals that cause hair loss and how to avoid them. Protect your locks and maintain a healthy head of hair.

How to Tell if Your Detox Is Working

How to Tell if Your Detox Is Working (Symptoms of Toxins Leaving the Body)

Learn about the symptoms of toxins leaving your body during a metabolic detox and how to manage these side effects so you can continue your detox.

The Relationship Between Eczema and Heavy Metal Toxicity

The Relationship Between Eczema and Heavy Metal Toxicity

Learn about the link between eczema and heavy metal toxicity. This article discusses the causes of eczema, how heavy metals can contribute to its development, and ways to reduce your exposure to he...

Top Foods & Supplements

The Top 8 Foods & Supplements To Include In A Heavy Metal Detox For Kids

Heavy metal toxicity is a well-documented medical condition that occurs when a person has been exposed to a harmful amount of heavy metals. In children, heavy metal toxicity can lead to the develop...

Chelation Therapy For Heavy Metals

Chelation Therapy For Heavy Metals: How Does it Work?

If you’re curious about chelation therapy, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you, consider this your complete guide to chelation therapy for heavy metals.

Heavy Metals and Chronic Illness

The Connection Between Heavy Metals and Chronic Illness: How Paratrex Can Help?

There is new evidence to suggest heavy metals are connected to chronic illnesses. But a supplement called Paratrext may help. Read this article to learn more.