5 Common Parasite Cleanse Side Effects and How to Deal with Them

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It’s well-known how overwhelming the symptoms of parasite infections can be. Nausea, digestive discomfort, and listlessness can all become everyday symptoms when an infection has taken hold—but they never become more comfortable to bear with.

Treating a parasitic infection with a cleanse is the best way to alleviate these symptoms. Unfortunately, cleansing can come with a few uncomfortable side effects. Knowing how to address these symptoms will give you the best possible cleansing process.

Nausea and Digestive Discomfort

Causes of Nausea During Parasite Cleanse

One of the most common side effects of intestinal parasite cleansing is nausea and digestive discomfort, which happen for a few reasons. One is that your body is actively expelling the parasites killed by the cleanse, and your digestive system may be adapting to your new cleansing diet.

In most cases, experiencing some nausea during the cleansing process is unavoidable. Your body will need time to expel all the intestinal parasites suddenly killed by the cleanse. You may also need to get used to the high fiber content found in certain cleanses.

Managing Nausea and Digestive Discomfort

While you can’t avoid nausea entirely when cleansing, there are a few ways to minimize digestive issues and discomfort. You should stay hydrated by drinking beverages like peppermint or ginger lemon tea with anti-nausea effects.

You should also choose your meals carefully while cleansing. Eating the right foods will ease your digestive discomfort and help you form good habits to stay healthy after your cleanse, too. BRAT foods—bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast—are all excellent options, as are vegetables and whole grains.

Fatigue and Low Energy

Understanding Fatigue During Parasite Cleanse

Much like nausea, fatigue is an entirely normal symptom to experience during a parasite cleanse.

Cleansing is inherently an energy-draining process because your body has to do a lot of extra work to expel all of the built-up toxins from your body.

It’s normal to feel tired during the early stages of the cleansing process. If possible, you should set aside extra time each day to rest and rejuvenate your body.

Most fatigue-related symptoms will subside quickly if you eat a high-quality diet with energizing foods like whole grains and complete proteins.

Boosting Energy Levels

While you can’t get back all of the energy that your body will spend on expelling parasites, there are a few ways that you can give yourself an energy boost.

In the long term, the most essential thing you can do is get enough sleep and eat nutritious foods—these habits will keep you healthy and energized in the long term.

Of course, these habits won’t have an immediate effect. You can boost your energy on a day-to-day basis by incorporating gentle exercise like stretches or jogging into your daily routine.

You should follow a personalized self-care schedule and treat yourself with some extra rest occasionally.

Headaches and Brain Fog

Causes of Headaches and Brain Fog

Brain fog and headaches are commonly attributed as a symptom of cleansing, but that isn’t entirely accurate. They are more commonly a symptom of withdrawal from a dietary staple like caffeine or sugar.

If your parasite cleanse came with significant dietary restrictions, you’ll likely experience some withdrawal symptoms. 

These symptoms are uncomfortable to experience in the moment, but it’s important to remember they indicate that the cleanse is working throughout your body.

Exercising, eating healthy food, and getting enough sleep can all help reduce the severity of your symptoms. Medication may also help alleviate some of the immediate discomfort from a headache.

Managing Headaches and Brain Fog

As mentioned before, factors such as exercise and diet can help alleviate side effects like headaches and brain fog that may occur during the cleansing process. You can also use relaxation techniques like meditation to reduce stress and improve your body’s internal state.

If you experience extreme headaches and brain fog, consider adjusting your diet. Reintroducing small amounts of caffeine or sugar is acceptable if you intend to continue consuming them as a long-term habit and believe they might be responsible. You should consult a doctor if you experience any severe or prolonged symptoms.

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Skin Breakouts

Understanding Skin Breakouts During Parasite Cleanse

You’re not alone if you notice that your skin suddenly broke out with irritation and skin rashes just a few days after starting your parasite cleanse. While this side effect might be alarming, it isn’t anything to worry about; it indicates that your body’s microbiome is transforming.

The quality of your skin is closely related to your immune health, and your immune system is closely associated with your digestive system. Symptoms like skin rashes and oiliness usually result from a changing microbiome. You can expect them to self-resolve within a month or two following your cleanse.

Supporting Skin Health

Though most skin issues related to parasite cleansing self-resolve within a month, you can adopt a few habits to manage the worst cleansing symptoms. The most important is maintaining a balanced diet, as prioritizing whole foods and complete proteins will help you support healthy gut bacteria and your immune system.

You should also adopt good skincare habits. Purchasing non-comedogenic products designed not to block pores and gently cleansing your face every morning and night will effectively neutralize most skin issues that might occur with a cleanse before they can happen. If you notice any skin irregularities, you should avoid excessively touching or picking so they can heal quickly and consult a dermatologist if necessary.

Mood Swings and Emotional Changes

Causes of Mood Swings During Parasite Cleanse

While it might be surprising, parasite cleansing can uncommonly cause mood swings and other emotional changes. Studies have indicated that parasites in the body may be able to influence the way that you feel. A single-celled bacteria found in cats, T. gondii, is believed to contribute to riskier behavior and negative mental health symptoms in humans.

It’s not known how every parasite influences the human brain, but it is known that many parasites can affect mood and behavior across the animal kingdom. If parasites in your body have been actively impacting your emotional state, it’s reasonable to expect some mood swings to occur as your body adjusts to its new hormonal balance.

Promoting Emotional Well-being

Much like the other side effects that can come with parasite cleanses, it’s unlikely that you can avoid mood swings altogether; however, you can adopt some good habits to minimize their severity.

The most important thing you should do while cleansing is to take care of yourself with a de-stressing activity, such as morning cycles around the neighborhood or regular painting classes.

You should also ensure that other physical and social components of your emotional well-being are supported. Many physiological causes of stress—some of which relate to parasites—can be minimized through a healthy lifestyle.

Having people you can turn to when you’re upset is also essential and will allow you to recover when a negative emotion overtakes your mood.

Cleanse Your Body Comfortably

It’s normal to experience some side effects during a parasitic cleanse, but that doesn’t undermine the importance of listening to your body and caring for your physical and mental well-being.

Addressing the side effects of your cleanse will allow you to rid your body of parasites comfortably while adopting incredible new habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Parasite Cleanse Side Effects the Same for Everyone?

Parasite cleanse side effects are not the same for everyone. The side effects you experience will vary depending on your overall health, severity of infection, dietary habits, and lifestyle habits, among other factors. People who proactively reduce their symptoms will often have a better cleansing experience.

How Long Do Parasite Cleanse Side Effects Typically Last?

Typically, the side effects caused by a parasite cleanse will go away within a few days of finishing the cleanse. Certain side effects, such as skin blemishes and irregularities, may take a month or two because a more complex biological process is responsible for the symptom.

Can I Continue with My Regular Daily Activities While Undergoing a Parasite Cleanse?

You can continue many regular daily activities while undergoing a parasite cleanse, but there are a few things to remember. If the cleanse removes things like caffeine from your diet or puts you under a caloric deficit, you should alter your activity level to ensure you can complete the cleanse without overexerting yourself.

Are There Any Specific Foods or Supplements that Can Help Alleviate Side Effects?

A few specific foods, herbs, and dietary supplements can help alleviate side effects. Whole grains and complete proteins are helpful in general because they can help improve your overall bodily health. Foods like ginger and peppermint tea are excellent for nausea.

Should I Consult a Healthcare Professional If I Experience Severe or Prolonged Side Effects During a Parasite Cleanse?

You should consult a healthcare professional if you experience side effects of a parasite cleanse that exceed the typical severity or duration reported by others. Prolonged and severe symptoms may indicate that you are suffering from an allergy or a serious underlying condition.

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