Benefits of Fulvic and Humic Acid

Benefits of Fulvic and Humic Acid

While many of us have never heard of fulvic and humic acid as health supplements, both are natural, complex substances with many health benefits. Whether your goal is to improve your immune system, reduce insomnia, or feel a general sense of wellbeing, this powerhouse supplement may be right for you.

What Are Fulvic and Humic Acids?

The umbrella term “fulvic acid” refers to a group of natural acids created through a process called humification. This is when millions of microbes break down decaying organic matter in the soil and bodies of water.

Fulvic acid is one of the three substances that make up humus, along with humin and humic acid, also known as humic substances. Humus is highly rich in nutrients and is the product of decomposed organic matter or compost.

This deep-earth substance is entirely organic and can naturally detoxify your body. It is loaded with beneficial minerals and can significantly enhance soil quality and the human body's vitality.

This includes detoxifying compounds, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and more.

Why Is It Important To Supplement With Fulvic And Humic Acid?

While our bodies used to be naturally nourished and protected from many of the worst environmental hazards, the world has changed.

Food is becoming less and less nutritious as our agricultural practices change, and horrible toxins like heavy metals are becoming unnaturally common due to industrial manufacturing practices and pollution.

As a result, we must take a mindful approach to our health to enjoy the same benefits as those before us. A fulvic and humic acid mineral supplement can not only solve a mineral deficiency in your health but also fend off some of the worst toxins in our environment.

They offer high levels of nutrition to boost your health and include detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce stress on your body.

What Are The Benefits Of Fulvic And Humic Acid?

Aside from the high levels of nutrients like probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and electrolytes that fulvic and humic acid offer, they also have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying qualities that will offer incredible benefits to your health.

Fulvic acid benefits include reduced fatigue, reduced inflammation, boosted workout recovery, improved gut health, and repaired skin.

Regardless of what symptoms led you to consider supplementing with fulvic and humic acid, you’re sure to enjoy a wide range of benefits that will leave you wondering why you didn’t start sooner.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits that come along with supplementing with fulvic and humic acid:

Fights Obesity

As a result of increasingly sedentary lifestyles and increasingly unhealthy food, the rates of debilitating conditions like obesity, high blood sugar, and diabetes only seem to increase more and more with each year.

While the exact causes of certain diseases like type 2 diabetes aren’t yet known, it’s believed that our eating habits and sedentary lifestyles play a significant role.

It is also thought that high blood sugar can influence the development of the condition. Studies have shown that fulvic and humic acid has been shown to decrease the levels of blood sugar in rats.

Fulvic and humic acid can significantly help fight off disease, but it’s essential to make lifestyle and dietary changes first.

Supplementation alone cannot prevent or cure these diseases, but their debilitating effects make them worth fighting. Combining fulvic and humic acid with a healthy diet and exercise program can be life-changing.

Improves Cognitive Function

Research shows that fulvic and humic acid have nootropic properties, which is excellent news for anyone concerned about cognitive diseases that come from aging.

Nootropic substances help increase brain function and retain markers of intelligence, and it has been concluded that fulvic and humic acid offers a range of antioxidant properties, including nootropic benefits.

Cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s come from the blockage of neuron connections, eventually resulting in memory loss and other debilitating symptoms of cognitive decline. In the case of Alzheimer’s, it is primarily due to proteins in the brain aggregating and harming its ability to form connections.

Fulvic acid has been proven to help untangle aggregated bunches of protein and improve brain health, including its ability to form neuron connections again. This makes it promising for treating, preventing, or reducing the severity of cognitive disease.

Repairs Your Skin

Fulvic and humic acid can improve skin condition through their antioxidant properties and ability to enhance essential nutrient absorption. Compared to conventional treatments for eczema, fulvic and humic acid have been shown to improve symptoms significantly.

And because fulvic and humic acid are so effective at reducing oxidative damage, your skin will age gracefully with long-term use.

Provides Powerful Antioxidants

When oxygen molecules split apart in your body as lone oxygen atoms (free radicals), they can cause a range of terrible effects inside your body. These effects, known as oxidative stress, can increase disease risk and cause premature aging.

Free radicals are naturally occurring and aren’t entirely problematic, but excessively high levels of free radicals will result in terrible oxidative stress.

Antibiotics are an effective way to control your levels of free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. Fulvic acid supplementation is an excellent choice to supplement your diet with antioxidants.

Offers Balancing Probiotics

Poor gut health is one of the underlying causes of inflammation and other debilitating symptoms you may experience from a poor diet and toxin buildup, and fulvic and humic acid is a great way to address every part of this.

Aside from the detoxifying and nourishing properties of fulvic and humic acid, these supplements offer high levels of prebiotics and probiotics that will correct the balance of microorganisms in your digestive system, resulting in health benefits across your entire body.

Improves Post-Workout Recovery

Humic and fulvic acid are excellent for improving your post-workout recovery and, by extension, your strength, and endurance. Your body needs high levels of electrolytes after a workout, and fulvic and humic acid will give your body everything it needs to recover.

Additionally, humic and fulvic acid increase ATP levels, meaning that your performance, recovery, and energy will improve as a result.

They have also been shown to boost testosterone in men between 45-55 who used humic and fulvic acid supplements for 90 days, resulting in increased muscle growth and physical performance.

Fights Aging and Improves Longevity

While there are many uncertain areas in the science of aging and longevity, fulvic and humic acid have many vital nutrients like antioxidants and electrolytes that have been proven to decrease aging and improve longevity.

Part of aging is associated with the mitochondria, or the body’s ability to recover from stress. The mitochondria are vital because it produces the ATP your body needs to recover, and supplementing your diet with electrolytes from humic and fulvic acid will improve your mitochondrial function.

Another health benefit of fulvic and humic acid is that it reduces inflammation and fights against oxidative stress.

These supplements have been shown to reduce the progression of all known significant causes of aging and reduced longevity. While the exact effectiveness of fulvic and humic acid for reducing aging isn’t known, it’s clear that these supplements have a highly beneficial potential.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the most debilitating chronic conditions you can experience. It encompasses a wide range of symptoms which can all be extremely painful and increase the likelihood of developing other diseases.

Fulvic and humic acid has been shown to ease inflammation, reducing the pain and discomfort associated with inflammation like joint pain, migraines, headaches, and arthritis.

Additionally, fulvic and humic acid may address and reverse underlying causes like toxin buildup, while the high levels of electrolytes and nutrients in these supplements offer your body support.

Helps Your Body Absorb Nutrients

Fulvic and humic acid are excellent for helping your body absorb nutrients from food. This is because fulvic and humic acid improves cell permeability by offering high levels of electrolytes to the body’s cells.

These effects are proven by studies showing that fulvic and humic acid improved iron absorption and resulted in greater levels of hematocrit, hemoglobin, and red blood cells in rats.

Detoxifys Your Body

The buildup of toxins like heavy metals can cause terrible symptoms of illness in your body, such as brain fog and nausea. These symptoms build up slowly over time and are hard to notice or address until they’ve completely taken over your life and inhibited your wellbeing.

Fortunately, fulvic and humic acid are safe and effective ways to remove these toxins from your body and reverse their detrimental effects on your health. Fulvic and humic acid are natural chelates, which naturally bond to metal atoms and make them easier for the body to remove.

Strengthens Immunity

If you’ve recently been dealing with poor immune system health, then fulvic and humic acid may offer the boost you need. Your gut health is highly influential in the health of your immune systems and other bodily systems, and fulvic and humic acid are some of the best supplements for your gut health.

Fulvic and humic acid offer high prebiotics and probiotics, which will help your body have a healthy balance of microorganisms. It will also remove toxins, ultimately leading to huge boosts in your digestive health that will benefit your entire body.

Reduces Fatigue

Fulvic and humic acid has been proven to reduce fatigue and improve energy levels. This results from how fulvic and humic acid enhance mitochondrial function, maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance in your cells, resulting in increased energy production.

The energy you use to get through the day is produced by a small organelle inside your body’s cells known as the mitochondria. The mitochondria, which are found in every part of the body, take in oxygen and nutrients to produce and store energy known as ATP.

More ATP results in more energy and an increased feeling of wakefulness, which is why ATP is often boosted through supplements like creatine. Fulvic and humic acid work similarly, boosting mitochondrial function and productivity and increasing ATP levels.

As mentioned before, fulvic and humic acid also help improve mitochondrial function by helping maintain a better electrolyte balance in your cells. A healthy electrolyte balance results in a better flow of electrons inside your cells, ultimately making your mitochondria more efficient and productive.

Try Advanced Fulvic Today

If you want to make a change in your life and finally fight back against the toxins ailing you, then it might be time to give fulvic and humic acid a try.

We’re proud to offer the Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid Micronutrient Formula by Coseva, which provides all of the benefits of fulvic and humic acid blended with organic substances that will give your health the boost it needs.

This unique fulvic acid supplement is based on the natural human gut microbiota, originating in ancient times. It is intended to help restore your body to how it would function in a natural and clean environment. Using Advanced Fulvic can reset your health and enjoy a healthy life as nature intended.

All the ingredients in the formula are sourced from pristine and pollution-free sites across the Southeastern United States, meaning that you can enjoy this formula without toxins or other contaminants. Give fulvic and humic acid a try, and change your life today!

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